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Master Custom Design, Inc. has been designing and installing custom-made furniture for over 35 years. If you are looking for south Florida interior design, than you have come to the right place. Our professional south Florida interior design staff has the highest level of expertise in assisting you to plan your dream kitchen or remodel existing space to accommodate your lifestyle. Whether your style is contemporary, modern or a little bit country, we have the elements to create your perfect space.

At Master Custom Design, Inc. our clients are our most important asset. When we come to your home for a design consultation, you become our number-one priority. The south Florida interior design market is very important, and we understand that people take pride in their homes. We only want to add to the pride and satisfaction you get from your home.
We use only the highest quality material from distinguished manufacturers to ensure that your end result is everything you had envisioned for your home. South Florida interior design is limited only by your imagination. Our business is to turn your dreams into reality. We pay attention to the little details and assist you with space planning, color selection, and project management. South Florida interior design is truly an art form. Our job is to translate your vision, and use our expertise to find the perfect compromise of style and practicality. If the customer is not happy, we are not happy.

No other south Florida interior design team has a “Master Designer” with 40 years design experience. We believe that the planning process is the most important step to build your dream home. With that being said, we always start by having our Master Designer come to your home and draft his ‘awe inspiring’ designs, Regardless of if we are working in a kitchen, a library, and entertainment unit, a bar system or master bath, we can develop master design like no other south Florida interior design company can.

The staff and employees at Master Custom Design, Inc are professionals. We act accordingly. To be considered one of the best south Florida interior design companies, we need to always uphold our quality or work. We invite you to call us. We are true professionals and we can meet any need.

We consider ourselves unique and set apart from other south Florida interior design companies. We have the skills and the capacity to move walls, change flooring, run electric, do plumbing, granite tops, tile and marble work, repair or refinish ceilings with smooth or knockdown finish, change or install lighting, etc. Very rarely will you find another south Florida interior design company who is capable of handling so many remodeling projects in your home. This is just another way we set ourselves apart.

Whatever the scope of work, we pride ourselves in performing our duties in a complete and timely manager. South Florida interior design in our life!

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